The First Taxi Company in Dunmow


Dear Customers, upon the careful assessment of risks associated with the COVID-19 pandemic, we have introduced new safety measures to ensure your protection. We have thoroughly considered several direct and indirect risks that come with the virus and have provided examples along with solutions.


  • The stress as a result of COVID-19
  • How workers and customers can be harmed.
  • How workers and customers can potentially be exposed to the virus. For example, through the direct contact with infected people or contaminated surfaces.
  • How the risk of infection can be rated during any work-related tasks.
  • The selection of appropriate controls to protect workers and customers using a hierarchy of control.

Below are methods we will take to ensure your safety.


  • Clean all areas of contact with antibacterial wipe. For example: the door handles (inside and out); the steering wheel and the gear stick before and after your shift
  • Wash your hands frequently or use anti-bacterial hand sanitiser.
  • The driver side is to be separated from the back of the vehicle with a plastic barrier. Make sure this is wiped frequently to prevent the possible spread of the virus from passenger to passenger.
  • Do not allow any passenger to sit next to you.
  • Try to keep payments contact free.
  • Always clean received money. Cleaned money should stay separate to uncleaned money to avoid contamination. This is to be done with either anti-bacterial wipes or spray.
  • Steam clean the inside of the vehicle every week at the end of your rota.
  • Do not take more than 6 passengers on a 9-seater vehicle and no more than 4 passengers on a 7-seater vehicle.
  • Make sure the vehicle is well-ventilated to increase air flow, for example, by opening a window.
  • Keep antibacterial hand sanitiser available for the customer use.
  • Clean door handles in and out during the day with antibacterial wipes.

Safe, Comfortable and Clean